SCP-13 Motion Detector

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SCP-13 Motion Detector

Postby DaleDe » Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:15 pm

This is a new Motion Detector mini-kit that uses 3 AA cells for power instead of the 9V battery. When motion is detected, a laser sound is emitted and the color LED flashes. - See more at: ... =MTAxOQ==#.

It features the following parts:
1 U7 motion detector
1 D8 color LED
1 Q2 NPN transistor
1 S1 SPST switch
1 B3 Battery box (3 AA cells 4.5V)
1 W1 horn
2 4 snap wire
1 3 snap wire
1 2 snap wire
2 1 snap wire
1 wooden base
1 small circuit board

It can build this motion detector and 5 other projects.
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